Year 6 Market

2E were very excited about the Year 6 market. They had Maths in the morning and studied the stalls and activities on offer to work out where they were going to spend their money.
Following are some of their comments after the event.
My favourite thing was soccer shoot out. We had to hit targets and I won a red and blue bouncy ball. Alex
I really liked the Year 6 market because I did lots of fun things like nerf nonsense. I also liked ball tiggy on the Year 2 playground. I shared some money with some of my friends. Will
There was a lot of stalls. I liked stress balls and playdough the best. Juliette
I was walking around and I got my hair coloured at the very end of the session. The girl went through 10 different colours and they were all empty and she cracked it. Jethro
I liked having time outside and going to buy stuff with my money. Arylah
I loved the soccer shoot out and I got an eye. Oli
When I was looking for my dominoes, we looked in my bag and all the time they were in my hand. It was so funny. Milana

Maths Incursion – PLANKS

On Monday 30th of July we had a Maths incursion called PLANKS.  Students used their creative thinking skills to build a range of interesting constructions.  Some of the Maths involved included the following: measuring people’s height, layers, 3D shape (rectangular prisms), horizontal/diagonal/vertical lines, comparing, patterns, dimensions, location, etc.  The students were very careful when knocking over their own constructions as well as supporting each other during the packing up.



Richard Galbraith Visit

The Year 2 classes were fortunate to have a visit from Richard Galbraith who is an artist, author and illustrator with more than 30 years professional experience. He writes, illustrates and publishes books for children, designs Christmas cards and teaches kids how to draw cartoons in primary schools across Victoria. On Thursday, Richard ran a session with us and shared his tips on how to draw and bring cartoons to life. We look forward to our second session when Richard returns on Thursday the 9th of August. The purchase of Richard’s books will also be available on this date.

Whole School Maths Night

Dear parents,

Maths Night is Monday 30th July from 6:30 – 8pm.

The children bring their maths passports to school in the evening and carry it with them to each of the activities.

Students with siblings can start wherever they like. Others may start at the Year 2 classrooms (Mrs Cartright and Miss Eadies’ rooms) and go from there. There will be a stamp or marker in the rooms so children can mark their own passports after completing an activity. If they visit every room they should hand their completed passport to a teacher and it will go into the draw for a prize.
P-2 prize Sum Swamp
3-4 prize Pocket Money
5-6 prize Tri-factor
You are welcome to dress up in maths inspired costumes! Have fun!

Gold for Green Day

This Tuesday is Gold for Green Day and the Year 2’s will be building cubbies with reusable materials.  Most students voted to make their own small individual cubby and one group are making a large shared cubby by working together.  We still need small cardboard boxes and some large cardboard boxes for this activity and throughout the rest of term.  We are also collecting glass jars.  Students who are making their own individual cubbies may bring in a small toy figurine from home to keep in their cubby.  Any parents who would like to assist us with cubby making on Gold for Green Day are welcome to come along to the morning session from 9-10:30am. Don’t forget to wear green!

Thank you,

Alicia Latify and Esther Kuilboer.