Carnivale – Year 2 Book Stall

Dear Parents,
At the Carnivale this Saturday we will require some parent helpers to look after the second hand book stall. If you could spare an hour of your time it would be greatly appreciated. A Book Stall timetable is on the wall outside Mrs Hodgkin’s classroom (2D) and two parents will be rostered on at a time. Please try to fill the gaps in our roster!
Kind regards,

Alicia Latify and Esther Kuilboer

Nude Food Day

Nude Food Day, supported by Nude Food Movers and in partnership with Nutrition Australia, creates a globally recognised day in which we can all come together and show our support towards healthy eating and waste reduction.
On 20th October we are encouraging all students to bring fresh, healthy, rubbish free lunches to our school in support of Nude Food Day.
Nude Food Day is a chance for our students to realise what they can do for their health and the health of the planet. An event like this can give all of us at Mount Martha Primary School a taste of the benefits, ease and fun involved in packing a healthy, wrapper free lunch!
From Harry, Connor, Coco and Kya (Yr 6 Nude Food Leadership Group)

Book and Movie Dress-up Day

2E had fun dressing up as their favourite book or movie character. Following are some of their comments.

I was proud because my little sister had her first dress up day and I got a high 5 from her. Mia

One of the Grade 4 teachers was dressed up as a wolf and she was running and making wolf noises and scaring people. Dylan

One of my favourite characters was my little brother’s friend dressed up as The Tin Can from The Wizard of Oz. Amelie

I loved it when I saw the giant pikachu. It was Sebastian from Year 6. Flynn

My favourite thing was when I got a high 5 from Dylan’s sister Courtney who was dressed up as Bat Girl. Rohan

I loved it when I saw a person with her hair sticking out. It was Pippi Longstocking. Zara


Just a friendly reminder to encourage your child to ask their family and friends to sponsor them for this week’s school Jogathon on Tuesday 25th July. The money raised goes towards purchasing sports equipment, shade sails, upgrading playgrounds, etc… so each child will benefit from this event for years to come. We welcome parents to attend on the day for our session between 12.20-12.50pm.
Thank you for your support!
Alicia Latify & Esther Kuilboer.

Student Led Conferences – Tuesday 27th June

Students in 2E have been busy selecting their favourite pieces of work to show parents at Student Led Conferences. The notices have gone home with the eldest student in each family with details of how to access the PTO online booking system. Please log on to select an available time between 10am and 6.45pm.
A reminder that your student does need to attend the conference with you, as they will be running the conference. Students do not need to be in school uniform on this day and we look forward to sharing your child’s learning with you.
Alicia Latify and Esther Kuilboer.

Term 2

Dear Parents,

Balcombe Estuary walk is on Thursday 1/6. We will leave shortly after 9am and return to school by 12:45. Children will need to bring playlunch and a drink in a small, easy to carry bag.

Our school’s throughline this term is Sustainability. 2E are having fun visiting the other year 2 classrooms to participate in activities that focus on each of the 5 R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink and respect.

We have also written some great poetry about rubbish.


Rubbish is bad

Very very bad

It is smelly

And it pollutes

Don’t litter




Rubbish, rubbish

Run for your life

The rubbish monsters

Got a rubbish knife

Rubbish monsters

Coming for you!

Archie Y


Revolting rubbish

Run for your life

Rotten rubbish in your way

Put it in the bin today

If you’re down get back up

Rubbish go away

You are disgusting and horrid

Not beautiful

Evil enemy




Rotten poo!

It is goo!

All you have to do

Is put it in the bin!

If you litter

You are killing animals.



Icky stinky and revolting

Disgraceful and smelly




Rubbish is scraps

Rotten banana peels

Plastic bottles

Do not litter!





Rotten rubbish is bad

If you see dead fish

It is your fault if you litter

Look after sea creatures

So they don’t die.



Do not litter

It is not glitter

If you go near it

It goes down the drain

It kills the animals in the sea

It smells like pee

When the animals eat it

It kills them.




It’s icky and sticky

It smells like butt

It looks like poo!

It’s foul and revolting

And very very bad for us

Never litter.




Never litter

Never litter

It’s not fun

It’s stinky

It’s disgusting gross stuff

It’s not good for the environment

Run away!




Trash is disgusting

It really is gross

If you have to take it out

You really should run and hide!

Trash is stinky

Trash is gross

You should just run and hide!






Rubbish rubbish

It’s no problem for me

To clean up rubbish.

Rubbish is gross

You won’t want to go near it

So stay away

Because it smells like fart!



Revolting Rubbish

Rubbish is stinky

It can hurt animals

It’s bad to litter

It’s disgusting and rotten

So don’t do it!



Stinky Trash

Rubbish is bad

It goes revolting

If you don’t clean it up

It will go rotten

And if I go near it

I will go “Yuck”



Stinky Trash

Rubbish is bad

It is revolting

If you don’t clean it up

It will go rotten

And if I go near it

I will go “Yuck”




Don’t drop rubbish on the ground

You will kill animals

Run for your life!




Trash is bad

Pollution is cruel

Man and woman should not litter at all

If you do

You are a rotten loo!



Smelly Rubbish

Rubbish is gooey and sticky

It’s gross and horrible!

I hate it so much

It kills animals and plants

It makes the water yucky

And gooey and rotten

It’s stinky and smells like poo

It feels like goo!





Trash is disgusting in every way

It’s smelly and foul

It can kill animals

Don’t litter

Only put apple and pear cores on the ground

They’re good for the compost.




Do not litter

It’s not glitter

If you litter

It goes down the drain

It kills animals in the sea

And smells like pee

When the animals see it

They eat it

And they choke on it.




Rubbish stinks

So don’t litter

It is so dreadful

I don’t like it at all!




It is icky

It is sticky

It smells like poo

I wish it wasn’t real

But sadly it is


There is rubbish here and there.




Read More in May

In May, students, teachers and parents at MMPS like to celebrate strong READING and strive to read more and more! To help us do this we run the Read More in May initiative where children keep a record of their reading behaviour and minutes each day to work towards increasing the time they spend both reading and being read to. Is your child a reluctant reader? There will be some tips for parents in up coming school newsletters. We are all working to help those who have not discovered the joy of reading to find “just right” books and be inspired to delve into good literature. This year, families can also participate in the Read Aloud More in May. What a wonderful opportunity to invest in some family reading time, re-ignite some interest and get lost in a story. Whilst having fun with books, why not take a selfie and enter our school “Share a Selfie” competition! For details of all of these activities, see the posters on display around the school and Banksia Bulletin each week.

Matt Cosgrove is the official ambassador and illustrator for National Family Reading Month 2017! He’s the author and illustrator of the new and hilarious Epic Fail Tales series. Watch and share his inspiring video message about reading aloud.