Gold for Green Day

This Tuesday is Gold for Green Day and the Year 2’s will be building cubbies with reusable materials.  Most students voted to make their own small individual cubby and one group are making a large shared cubby by working together.  We still need small cardboard boxes and some large cardboard boxes for this activity and throughout the rest of term.  We are also collecting glass jars.  Students who are making their own individual cubbies may bring in a small toy figurine from home to keep in their cubby.  Any parents who would like to assist us with cubby making on Gold for Green Day are welcome to come along to the morning session from 9-10:30am. Don’t forget to wear green!

Thank you,

Alicia Latify and Esther Kuilboer.

School Cross Country

Our school cross country is on Thursday 3rd May.

Following are times for each of the races.

9:15                Prep                *1 lap -1km*

10:00              11yr old         COMP – *3 laps – 3km*

11yr old         FUN RUN *1 lap – 1km *


11:30              8yr old (Year 2)        *1 lap – 1km*

12:15              9/10yr old     COMP  – *2 laps – 2km*

9/10yr old     FUN RUN *1 lap – 1km *


2:00                12/13 yr old  COMP – *3 laps – 3km*

12/13yr old   FUN RUN *1 lap – 1km *

2:45                Year 1                         * 1 lap – 1km*


We would like to congratulate 2E on the responsible way in which they conducted themselves over the 6 weeks of swimming. Behaviour and organisation were both excellent at all sessions and your teachers are very proud of you!!

Many thanks also to the wonderful mums who were willing to drop everything to accompany us on the bus with short notice.

Mrs Kuilboer and Mrs Latify

Excursion comments

Following are some of 2E’s comments about their Immigration Museum experiences.

First we watched a video about people escaping from war. Oli

When people tried to escape they were really scared because of the war. All the people were crowded in a boat. Addison

Everyone was in danger because of the war like Cuc Nam and Rebecca Greaves. Zoe

In World War 2, some countries did not want to hurt other countries and when people escaped they saw pirates. Indy

It was a very small boat and it was hard to squash in. Campbell

All the people were killing other people because they wanted their country. Milana

I felt sorry for Cuc Nam and Rebecca because they were in the war. Henry

We left at 9:15 on Wednesday. I was excited because my mum was there. Gwen

My mum came on the bus and I fell over. Niah

We left at 9:15 and it was noisy on the bus. Mia

It was super boring on the way there because there was nothing to play with. Jethro

When we got there we did an object hunt and found a spoon, flag and paintbrush. The paintbrush was a different shape to the ones we have now. Eden

We walked to Federation Square and on the way we saw the Floral Clock. Ruben

I really liked how Banana Alley was right next to the Yarra River. Finn

We walked along Banana Alley and there was Yarra River next to it. Ollie

I saw a homeless guy and he had a suitcase in front of him for us to put money in. Arylah

There was a homeless guy on the side of the road. I felt sad but at least there was some water. Raph

There was a group of police walking past and all of us said “Hi” and we got a high 5 from them. Alex

Immigration Museum Excursion

On Wednesday 14th of March, students in Year 2 travelled by bus to the Immigration Museum in the city.  Whilst we were there we met Pat who presented an interactive lesson called ‘Pack your Bags’ using objects, artefacts and costume dress ups.

The girls held a ribbon to represent a timeline of 65000 years, which is how long Aboriginal people have existed in Australia and then we compared it to a short piece of ribbon to represent the time that immigrants have been here.

We explored two migration stories, one about a girl called Rebecca who travelled from the UK and another about Cuc Lam from Vietnam.

Next we explored the museum in our groups on a discovery trail, searching for artefacts using clues from our suitcase in order to discover more migration stories.

After eating lunch, we went on a walk to Federation Square along the Yarra and saw many of Melbourne City’s icons.

Thank you to our parent helpers for their support and for keeping up with us during this fast paced excursion!


Science – All mixed up

We are surrounded by mixtures — the air we breathe, the food we eat and drink, and our personal grooming products. Chefs try mixing ingredients in different ways to make tasty combinations and interesting textures. Through inquiry, scientists have developed mixtures that are useful for all kinds of purposes, such as alloys, amalgams and paints, to name but a few.
Indeed, it can be surprising just how many things that we take for granted every day are the result of inquiry into mixtures. For example, how different our lives would be without the myriad of inks, glues and detergents at our disposal.
The All mixed up unit is an ideal way to link science with literacy in the classroom. Students learn about materials that don’t mix well, and others that are difficult to separate. Through hands-on investigations, students explore how changing the quantities of materials in a mixture can alter its properties and uses. (Taken from Primary Connections science unit – All Mixed Up).

This week, students mixed the ingredients of puffed rice, cocoa powder and icing sugar together in different combinations.  They made observations of each mixture’s texture, colour and smell, and recorded these using annotated drawings in their Science Journals.

Friendly reminder: The ‘My Mixtures’ homework sheet is due back next Tuesday 20th of February.

Welcome to 2E for 2018!

We would like to wish all the students and families of 2E a warm welcome back to school for 2018.  This term we are looking forward to some exciting events such as Safer Internet Day, Swimming, the Immigration Museum excursion and a Hockey incursion.  If you are able to assist us with Swimming please see Esther and if you are able to come on our Immigration Museum excursion please see Alicia.  It’s set to be a busy term!

On February 20th you will have an opportunity to tell us about your child at the Meet the Teacher evening, and stay tuned for some curriculum information in the coming weeks.

Thank you,

Alicia Latify and Esther Kuilboer.