Bug Poems

Water Striders
Water Striders
Stride on water
When you see them
They stride up your house
But not like a mouse
In a watered down gutter.

Dragonfly, dragonfly
Flying through the sky
If you really want
They can be your pet
But sometimes
You will regret!

Fleas, fleas
They nibble your knees
They’re a big old enemy
To the honey bees
Who live in the trees
And steal your keys
And love sweet peas.

Centipedes are cool
They are very, very small
If you touch them
You will love them.

Ants, ants
They’ll crawl down your pants
They can live in the woods
They will eat all your goods
Do not intrude
‘Cause they might eat your head
And if they do
You might find yourself dead.

Once I found a bug
I hated it because
It was disgusting and slimy
And that’s why
I hate bugs.

Spiders are hairy
My mum thinks they’re scary
They do karaoke
Like Katy Perry

Slugs, slugs
They smell worse that a pug
They’ll eat your head
In your bed
I want my ted.

Muscle Ants
Muscle ants are black
Muscle ants are everywhere
Muscle ants are strong
They bite and bite
Until you have to go to hospital.

Mealworm, mealworm
Find a meal
If you don’t
You will be a milkworm
So find food
And then you will be
In a good mood.
Ollie R

Buggy Bugs
Buggy bugs
They spew and poo
And so do you!
They poo on you
And spoon you too!

Honey Bees
Bees, bees
Honey bees
In trees
And in your tea!

Beautiful butterfly
Flying around
Stinky and smelly
They don’t make a sound
Making a plant
Meeting a stem
Gooey and muggy
Eating popcorn.

The Bug
There once was a bug
A bug called Grug
Grug ate a pug called Chug
But nobody knows
If Grug lived in a mug.

Bee Bee
Bee Bee
It’s name is Finn
If it stung you now
You’d put him in the bin.

Ladybird, ladybird
Flying through the sky
If you see one
You might die.

Honey honey
Bunny bunny
Bee bee
Mummy mummy
Cute and cuddly

They smell like a basket of blossoms
When they wake up
They make up.

Slugs live in a mug
Or do they live in a rug?
Or maybe a land called Pug
Their street is called Hug.

Baby Bugs
Baby bugs are cute
Ben the baby bug has a friend called Buddy
They play all day
The sky will be blue
Their butts are very stinky
And so are you
That’s the one bad butt thing about them.

Reptile Encounters

On Thursday our class learnt some interesting facts about minibeasts. We got to touch some of them as well as go out the front and hold one. We loved it when we met Charlie the centipede and Henry the hermit crab.

It was such a coincidence when the teacher said the hermit crab’s name was Henry. Henry

It felt weird when I held a huge tarantula, like an amazingly huge tarantula in a box. Will

My favourite part was when I got to hold a giant cockroach. The funny bit was when it crawled off my hand. Campbell

It felt weird when I held the lizard. Arylah

It was funny when the fantastic two hermit crabs called Henry and Harry really wanted to go back in the box. Mia

Lizards are cute and they eat insects and slither around. They stay still when they want food or are looking for food. Addison

It was funny when the amazing fantastic Henry and Harry kept turning around to get back in their box. Willow

It was funny when the girl’s stick insect went up her armpit. Oli

I saw a teeny weeny scorpion in a box. Ollie

My favourite part was when I was chosen to hold two spiny leaf stick insects and one went on my shoulder and one on my head. Ruben.

I saw a lizard and it went on my shoulder. It was so scary. Alex

I liked it when the lady showed us the hermit crabs. Niah

I saw a big big lizard. It was so scaly and it went on my shoulder. Juliette

I was standing for my turn holding the frill neck lizard. When it was my turn, the reptile girl put the lizard straight on my head. Jethro

I saw a huge, huge, huge cockroach. Bentley

When I held the snail I was like “Oh. That’s what I call SLIMY” in my mind. Finn

I laughed when Henry met Henry the hermit crab and when Charlie met Charlie the centipede. HAAAAAAAA!!!

In the incursion I held Henry.

Lizards are cute creatures and they eat insects.

Prep request for mulberry leaves

Can you help our Prep students?

In Term 4, the preps at MMPS are rearing silkworms to support their learning about lifecycles. They are in desperate need of mulberry leaves to keep their silkworms alive. If you have a mulberry tree at home and are happy to supply some leaves, please contact Mrs Doye or any of the other prep teachers. They need approximately a shopping bag full every 1-2 days.

Thank you,

The Prep Teachers.


Walk to School

Walk to School

Mount Martha Primary School is registered for Walk to School 2018! To get involved simply walk or ride to school and fill in your class calendar.

Walk to School is a great time of the year for students to learn alternative ways to get to school. The weather is more stable and students have gotten to know their classmates. They could arrange to meet at a park and stride or at a known point and walk to school together. Parents may need to teach students road rules and safety. The best way to do this is choose a route and do it together. Find safe places to cross roads and easy paths to school.

Students who use active travel at least once over the next four weeks will receive a certificate. They need to make sure that each day they mark their active travel on the classroom calendar. Teachers will have these in a place where students can access them.

Walking, riding, skating and scooting to school helps to decrease car movements around school making it safer for everyone! Travelling smart builds resilient kids, as they negotiate pathways and take risks, they become fitter through active travel and help to decrease pollution as a result of lower car use over short trips.

So pull together your neighbours and start your own walking bus or peloton and get active!

For more information go to – www.walktoschool.vic.gov.au

See you out there!

TravelSmart Team

Year 6 Market

2E were very excited about the Year 6 market. They had Maths in the morning and studied the stalls and activities on offer to work out where they were going to spend their money.
Following are some of their comments after the event.
My favourite thing was soccer shoot out. We had to hit targets and I won a red and blue bouncy ball. Alex
I really liked the Year 6 market because I did lots of fun things like nerf nonsense. I also liked ball tiggy on the Year 2 playground. I shared some money with some of my friends. Will
There was a lot of stalls. I liked stress balls and playdough the best. Juliette
I was walking around and I got my hair coloured at the very end of the session. The girl went through 10 different colours and they were all empty and she cracked it. Jethro
I liked having time outside and going to buy stuff with my money. Arylah
I loved the soccer shoot out and I got an eye. Oli
When I was looking for my dominoes, we looked in my bag and all the time they were in my hand. It was so funny. Milana

Maths Incursion – PLANKS

On Monday 30th of July we had a Maths incursion called PLANKS.  Students used their creative thinking skills to build a range of interesting constructions.  Some of the Maths involved included the following: measuring people’s height, layers, 3D shape (rectangular prisms), horizontal/diagonal/vertical lines, comparing, patterns, dimensions, location, etc.  The students were very careful when knocking over their own constructions as well as supporting each other during the packing up.